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Suchitra Leaks Real Life Private Pics of Dhanush, Trisha, Anirudh, Anchor Divya Shocks Everyone

Singer Suchitra Leaked 3 Pics Dhanush, Anirudh, Andrea, DD Pics going viral on social media. Tamil Telivision host and Singer suchitra Karthik and Dhanush illegal affiar taken pics intimate pictures leaked online. Dhanush, Hansika, Trisha, Anirudh, Coffee with DD Divya darshini pics released on Twitter.

Suchitra Leaks Real Life Private Pics Shocking Every One

Private party pics suchitra made released pics. Dhanush and trisha taking selfie on bed room. Anirudh and andrea Getting intimate pics going viral. Divyadharsini and Hansika bikini pics also going viral which are mentioned in Twitter official account.

For the Past few days singer Suchitra has been posting some controversial tweets Pics leaked personal data of stars & criticizing Actor Dhanush, Divyadarshini even she claimed that Dhanush attacked her in twitter a few days ago. Team of dhanush claimed assaulted Suchitra karthik. on this day Suchitra posted tweet about dhanush and trisha. A few hours ago she tweeted a large number of controversial pictures now pics circulated around web. Whatsapp, facebook, twitter.

Dhanush taking advantage and misbehaving with Trisha whie happen kodi shooting. spent time in dark room. She also added that she has more evidence in her tweet. Added proofs also include detailed information We have mentioned her tweets Above check her tweets here.

Check Suchitra Singer recent tweets:

Media: PLEASE Ask the ppl in the pix, if they think I, Suchi, could have leaked them. Post their answers for all to read.

Verified info: apparently Mr. Hacker thinks – by including a picture of himself in the leaked pix, he won’t invite suspicion on himself I’m not going to blame anyone, am not going to go to the cops. Haters – pls unfollow me. The rest – just trust in me. We’ll beat this

Mild warning to haters – pls just unfollow me on your own. I don’t want trouble for anyone – not even the hacker himself. Pls unfollow

The person who is doing this, wants me to deactivate my acct. I’ll do that in a second. But I know I have ppl here who genuinely like me So I’m gonna see what best I can do now. But push comes to shove, I’ll deactivate it. Apologizing to my ‘genuine’ followers in advance

I can only request whoever thinks I’m posting crap, to unfollow me. Coz this is happening way too often and even I’m a bit annoyed now

Suchitra leaked pics now viral For the Past few days singer Suchitra has been posting some controversial tweets Images of celebrities & criticizing Artist ll the tweets published last few days were not by Suchi and is completely false

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